About The NMGCS II International Composition Competition: Fikret Amirov

The National Music & Global Culture Society announces the NMGCS II International Composition Competition: Fikret Amirov to recognize outstanding new full-scale musical works inspired by the musical material authored by the great Azerbaijani composer Fikret Amirov. It will celebrate the life and legacy of Amirov, the world-renowned composer.

Composition Requirements

An original composition for solo instrument or small ensemble (up to 5 instruments), based on one or several of ten (10) pre-selected Amirov melodies must be submitted.

Contestants may also use any other melody by Amirov, in addition to the obligatory one(s).

Pieces featuring voice will also be accepted (the number of performers should not exceed 5).

Submitted works should not exceed 15 minutes in duration.

There are no stylistic limitations.

The title of the piece should pay homage to Fikret Amirov and the title of the borrowed melody.

The composer’s name should not appear in the score.